Tenants to Owners

“Why rent when you can own?

The principals of BPI come from the commercial real estate brokerage industry where some interesting patterns emerged.  Many successful business owners worked their entire lives generating a good income during their working years but failed to position themselves to have sufficient assets at retirement.  One of the primary miscues was failing to acquire the real estate they use in their businesses.

Reasons for this varied from business to business but many of the reasons included:

  • I don’t want to take working capital out of the business to acquire a building.
  • I’m making a better return in the business than I would in the real estate.
  • I don’t understand how to operate real estate and I don’t want to deal with tenants.
  • I was too busy and never got around to it.

The vision of BPI is to give small business owners the expertise and financial ability to increase cash flow and control for their business now and build long-term wealth for the future.

“”Find out how BPI helps business owners to become building owners.” — Solutions