Why Not Own?

“Is it better to lease or to buy?”

The lease versus buy decision has been a hotly contested question amongst business owners, financial professionals, and real estate operators forever.  There is really only one true answer to that question — It depends.

There are so many advantages to building ownership.

  • Cash Flow
  • Appreciation
  • Reduction in Debt
  • Control of operating expenses
  • Tax Advantages

However, I’ll be the first to tell you…

“There are some companies that should not buy their buildings.”

Until a business is stable enough to be able to forecast growth and potential retractions with some degree of certainty then ownership is probably not a great idea.  I have seen the strategic plans of many businesses thwarted by owning a building that is too big or too small.

“Why then do stable businesses not buy their buildings?” — click to find out –  Tenants to Owners