Building Partner Investors is the solution for businesses that want greater control of their facilities not only for their businesses but for the growth of their personal financial portfolio.   Here’s how.

We provide equity to help you buy your building.

We understand how important working capital is and the concerns of tying up large amounts of cash.  We  use our cash to provide equity investment alongside business owners  for building acquisitions.

We provide real estate acquisition and management expertise.

What better partner to have than one with the knowledge to help you succeed?

We help procure financing.

Our relationships and great track record with lenders lead to better loan terms.  We can even provide credit enhancement in certain cases where financing is challenging.

We can help existing building owners monetize their real estate when needed.

For those companies needing to sell their buildings but still want to occupy and maintain control we can provide liquidity through a sale/leaseback buying all or a share of your building .

The vision of BPI is to give business owners the expertise and financial ability to increase cash flow and control for their businesses now and building long-term wealth for the future.